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What’s in your bags?

Another great project from Z & Cinder! This time, I get the opportunity to show what’s in my bags.

As you can see, I’m far from being neat and tidy. I use the default bags, which are filled with whatever clutter I find and which I’m not sure whether I should keep or get rid of.

  • A: Some consumables like food, potions,… and profession equipment for first-aid and fishing;
  • B: A huge mess consisting of some quest items, consumables, champion equipment,… and… stuff that I don’t really know what to do with;
  • C: More consumables (never can have enough food it seems ;p), profession mats, a quest item (again) and Sentinax beacons;
  • D: All my important stuff that I can’t accidentally get rid off: Hearthstones, treasure maps, currencies, whistle, my artifact weapons for SV and MM,…
  • E: Crappy gear that I still need to hold on to, even more quest items, some special fishing lure and my Master Hunter and Hunter’s Seeking Crystals.

All in all, I may have a very different way to organise my bags (read: I don’t organise my bags at all) from most people, but the content always looks pretty much the same. My only wish is that we would have less clutter to carry around, like the treasure maps,… Crafting materials could have a tab of their own, where they would stack infinitely (like in Guild Wars 2, I believe). And, last but not least, we should have the possibility to upgrade the backpack. Maybe will we see it in a future expansion pack.

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Wow, Gamrok, you are very organized! I actually have some of the same categories as you do, when I have to sort my bags…No wait. I just have one. Wait, I have no categories at all, whatsoever!


PS. You need to stock up on Awesomefish.

I have no Bag AddOns either, I get confused when things don’t look oldschool, hah. But that AddOn actually looks nice.

Oh, maybe I have one. Hm.

Sisqi! Now I feel a little better. No BagAddOns 😀

Amg, so many Marks of Honor, givf.

Wow, that is a great idea, how I wish we could get that in WoW, the crafting materials idea.

Did you know, though, that even though you put your crafting materials in your bank (Not guildbank though, but your own bank) you can still use them when you have to craft things?

Like, I can still place a burning-food-order with you know who, even though I do not have food on me. And I can make flasks etc, even though all my flowers are in my bank. Reagent bank works too. It’s a very nice change, I think 🙂

It does seem rather silly now, that the backpack is smaller than the rest, hah.

Thanks for sharing. both 🙂

Ahahaha, thanx! Good to hear that I’m not the only one with messy bags ^^

Still figuring out what I’m going to get first with my Marks of Honor… Maybe if I go on postponing my choices, we’ll be a few months further and I’ll have enough Marks to buy all I want at once xD

Yes, I knew the system with the bank / crafting… thanx anyway 😉 I really love that change! My bags are so much better since (ahum). The things I still carry around in my bags are things I’ve recently picked up while questing,…

Burning-food-order… let me guess… our friend Nomi? Hahaha, I can’t believe he turned out so bad… after all it’s us that taught him. Do the guys at Blizzard think we’re bad cooks or what? xD

Hey alu, thanks for the nice comment 😉

Yeah, I knew that I don’t need to carry the mats around, unfortunately my bank is a disaster, my reagent tab is full and the rest is worst. I should sell some mats but I’m not really into auctioning. Happily, we have transfered our old guild to our server, we’ll soon be able to use our guild bank as storage ;-D

I wish I could draw carttons, I’d draw a character with bigger pockets than his backpack, that’d be hilarious 😀

That is good to know, Gamrok! My bank, bags and reagent bank AND Guildbank are all filled up as well… :p
Haha, that would be a hilarious drawing indeed.

Aww, Sisqi, I did the same at first, with the Marks of Honor. “My precccciiiioous, so hard to obtain, I dont want to blow them on something I end up regretting…Waaaaa…” No nice transmogs waiting for you? 🙂

Yep, no doubt, it is Nomi from the Guild called !

My precccciiiiooous indeed 🙂 But… All this talk about my Marks of Honor got me way too impatient to wait any longer ;D I’ve spent all of them on nice PVP sets yesterday… got 4 new transmog outfits now ^^ And… I got some nice achievements on the way… *cheers*

Thanx for having mentioned it… if it wouldn’t be for you, they’d still be sitting in my bags xD

Hah, aww np, Sisqi! 🙂

Hhhmmmm, but…You say, you got nice PvP sets? New transmogs..?

Yet…I see no post, showing off these sets? That surely cannot be right…Can it!?

Screenshot or it didn’t happen 😀

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