World of Warcraft

WoW lately

Well, there isn’t much to talk about, I’ve just been doing a lot of things lately. Like they say: “the one who talks the less, enjoys the most”. Here are a few screenshots from some fun times:

Nobelgarden edition

This week, I’ve been catching back on the main quest lines of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve both completed the war campaign and the pride of Kul Tiras.

Jaina became such a badass!
My man blowing things up with Jaina…

I’ve also unlocked the Void Elves and the Lightforged Draenei allied races. I honestly thought that the Void Elves would be my favourite race, since I’m not really a fan of Draenei… Well, it didn’t turn out that way, helping T’paartos completing his trial was hillarious. That got me wondering: where is he now? Hopefully, I’ll cross him again…

Our new friend

Then, I embarked on an amazing quest: the Dwarf heritage armour. There’s no secret here, I’m a big Dwarf fan. Having us help restoring an ancient Dwarf armour with the help of the furnace master was a total hit. This quest chain ended up being one of my favourites in the entire game.

Visiting the old Ironforge was amazing
Soforah in excellent company
Having us crafting our own armour was amazing!

It was also Nobelgarden and I went back to my favourite chocolate farming spot: Goldhsire. We both collected the 500 chocolates required to purchase the new toy (the Nobelgarden Heartstone) and the 5 new spring circlets. The funny thing with Nobelgarden is that we often see it as a chore that disrupts our questing, but when we’re transformed as rabbits running amidst the chaos that is the egg hunt, we’re enjoying it very much.

You know you’re heading to Goldshire when…
250 chocolates for 5 circlets, totally worth it!
250 chocolates to hearthstone in style

VoilĂ , that’s all folks! More next week.