World of Warcraft

A look back at Legion

At this point, we can safely say that we’ve seen Legion in its final state. So, why not having a look back at all these things that kept us busy during the last two years. This is not a review, just a list of “we did/didn’t enjoy”.

General design of the zones

From Stormheim to Argus, this expansion was gorgeous. Of course, we have our preferences, like High Mountain and Mac’Aree, but all zones were fantastic to level and to quest in.

World quests

I’ve always been fans of daily quests. It’s a nice system that keeps you busy and gives you the feeling to work towards an aim, mostly the reputation with a faction. I remember, in MOP, Sardoken and I were thinking that it would be nice if they could find a system to keep our interest in the dailies beyond the exalted status and, boom, they’ve made it with the emissary caches and the random rewards they contain.

Class fantasy

To me, one of the best things of this expansion. I wish I had the time to complete all the class halls. I’m actually sad that it won’t continue in BFA. I enjoyed every aspect of it, from the halls to the special mounts and the amazing quest lines.

Prestige and PVP quests

Eventhough I’m not a big PVP fan, I enjoyed these quests. While the Tower Assaults are a quick PVE strike granting PVP experience, events like Black Rook Rumble really hit the spot by introducing us to some fast paced PVP content. I enjoyed each of these events and, sometimes, they were amongst the funniest things I had done all day. Also worth mentioning: the PVP brawls, also a ton of fun.


There’s no secret here: I love fishing, and I’m really happy that Blizzard has provided us with even more reasons to use our (gorgeous) fishing poles. Way to go Blizz!

Mythic dungeons

These timed dungeon runs weren’t exactly my favourite so, I haven’t done a lot of mythics this expansion. Only the normal mythic ones needed to finish the “Balance of Power” achievement. I had fun running those though, but I left it at that. After all, I’m a big casual and I seek relaxation above all.

The mage Tower

I’m a bit shared about this one. I enjoy a challenge and working toward an achievement, but the difficulty of the challenges doesn’t feel balanced. I’m not particularly proud of this, but I kind of gave up on the mage tower, my patience just got the best of me.


I need something that gives me the feeling that each gaming session brings me further toward an objective and collecting the artifact power gave me just that. I don’t need to be geared instantly, I’m more of a “it’s the road that matters” kind of person.


Helping a faction with their own troubles, so they will help us in return isn’t a new thing, but helping Thalyssra to create a new source of Mana so we could overthrow Elisande and finally defeat Gul’dan was awesome. It really feels like a lot of work was put in the insurrection quest chain, and seing Thalryssa joining the Horde felt the same as when an old friend decides to join your team.

Treasure chests

It may seem trivial to some but hunting those hidden chests really adds a lot of pleasure to my exploration experience. Just one thing I’d like to see changed in BFA: don’t make us carry the treasure maps in our bags anymore.

Balance of power

The quest that almost made me quit: how dare they force us into real raids and mythic dungeons! Well, I was wrong. This quest is what made me use the premade tool, introduced me to normal mythics and was the greatest source of entertainment during my X-Mas holidays. Sorry Ion, I shouldn’t have doubted you.


While I understand why some content needed to be gated, it doesn’t make me hate it less. Gating broke my first run through the expansion. I enjoyed all the quest lines while leveling my Druid, once the gating was gone. Don’t do this again, please!

Professions and Obliterum

A complete fail! I can’t believe that they’ve managed to make engineering boring, and I’m not even talking about Jewelcrafting. Obliterum could have not existed. The only time that I wanted to use it to improve my engineered goggles, it didn’t work. It has never been documented, why engineers couldn’t use it, it is a complete mystery to me. Cooking was horrible, I hate Nomi and I hope that he burns in his kitchen, just like he burned so much of my food!



Not much to say there. I don’t really raid enough to judge the mechanics. Design-wise, I enjoyed Emerald Nightmare and Tomb of Sargeras the most. I really didn’t like Antorus.

We also enjoyed

Pet battle dungeons, Hidden secrets, Timewalking raids, The deaths of Chromie, the Brawlers Guild, the Death Metal event at the DMF, and micro-holidays. All small things that add so much to the game.


Besides gating, Legion was an awesome expansion, probably even better than WOTLK when it comes to gameplay. Good systems were improved and new ones were introduced to enhance our experience and increase the replayability. Good job Blizzard and congratulation to the man behind all this: Ion Hazzikostas.

World of Warcraft

I’ve gone hippie

Where the hell have I been? Well, Sardoken and I have been chasing butterflies and enjoying the change of seasons. We had a great Halloween, filled with good (and less good) horror movies.

We’ve also been reflecting on a way to enjoy WoW without being constantly burned out. Spending our entire WoW time hunting achievements was easily getting tedious. We needed to enjoy more of what the game has to offer, and we really didn’t enjoy instancing with our hunters. So we went back to our druids. Don’t worry, we’re still brutal, only a bit softer (probably because of all the feathers).

When Sardoken told me that he wanted to main back his druid, I thought about leveling mine to keep him company. But, as I was playing with my moonkin, I realized how much more fun I had than with my beast master.

Eventhough the DPS of my balance druid isn’t as big as my hunters’, I just have more fun casting spells and shapeshifting. Also, I’ve missed my Tauren and I’m glad to find her back, meet Dragondoe.

I’ve practically caught up on on almost all Legion content, I’ve even started “Balance of power” which I didn’t with my hunter. I ran an heroic, a normal raid, a few mythic dungeons and had fun doing these! Now that’s something I thought I’d never say!

Until a week ago, I always thought that LFR and LFG were more than enough for me. I guess that playing the wrong class never motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. I dreaded running dungeons and raids, grouping up in general was like a stressful nightmare. This made me feel left out in the game for years. My moonkin, on the other hand, made me realize that all these things are actually fun and make me look forward to my next gaming session.

At the moment, Sardoken and I are in the middle of our 3 week Christmas holidays, which means that we have more time to game! Here’s a list of all the things that I wish to accomplish in WoW before the end of the most wonderful time of the year:

  • Getting exalted with Ravenhold so, I finally get the title “The Insane” (nothing new, but like that it will be official :p);
  • Finishing all quests in Suramar to get the “Insurrection” achievement;
  • Getting the fishing artifact
  • Leveling my Legion reputations, including the fisherfriends;
  • Getting my classmount;
  • Progress in “Balance of power”;
  • Getting a cool transmog because Dragondoe looks like a homeless gypsy.

There’s a lot more that I would like to do, but what would be the fun in completing all at once, right?