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Insane in the Membrane

After many Sundays (and when we say many, we mean many) spent killing Goblins, Pirates and Murlocs, we’ve finally made it, we’ve lost our sanity (what little we had)!

After many Sundays (and when I say many, I mean many) spent killing Goblins, Pirates and Murlocs, both Sardoken and I finally made it, we’ve lost our sanity (what little we had)!

I remember how it all started, a few years ago, with killing thousands of Goblin guards in Booty Bay. It was quite the massacre, for a long time, we couldn’t enter any Goblin outpost without being attacked by the green little dudes.

When I got exalted with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, I knew that there was no way back, I just had to get the title “The Insane”. I think that this was my greatest ambition throughout the entire game and, yesterday, we finally made it.

I think that Blizzard knew exactly what they were doing when they chose the name of this achievement. Pickpocketing Murlocs for 34 hours (yes, 34! I’ve kept track of time) took grinding to another level. I think that you must, indeed, be Insane in the Membrane to be able to complete it.

It’s by far my most favourite achievement in WoW, and I’ll be wearing my new title with pride until the end of time.

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Best. Video. Ever 😀

When was that grinding done, I hardly ever see you online! Sneaky, sneaky!

Congratulations so much to both fo you. 🙂

The title should be, The Insanely Dedicated.



Hey Alu, thanks 😀

We had the same reaction when we saw your posts about the Brawler’s guild: “when did you do that?”, we never see you online. We mostly play evenings after 20h00′ and week-ends during the day. So the most logical explanation is that our gaming hours don’t match…

Haha, more videos, huh?! I think there will be more and more but they will be short, like this one 😉

Grats to you both!Well done! I have been procrastinating that box grind for years myself and it’s the last part I need.

Thanks Wilde, if I may advise you: don’t pickpocket the orcs near Blackrock. It’s by far better to do it with the murlocs on the isle of Quel’Danas. Do it in small circles (4 – 5 packs), the drop rate is better. We did it by 100 lockboxes each time, sometimes 200 per run, everything over it is pure torture. Good luck 😉

@Alunaria: Thank you kindly 🙂 It was a loooong road, but a rewarding one.

@Wilde: Thanx 🙂 The box grind was indeed the hardest part of the achievement. Once I started collecting the last few hundreds, I just couldn’t stop. So, good luck on getting the last part done… you’re almost there 😉

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