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10 Years :: 10 Questions

Alternative Chat is doing a project where in honour of the 10th Anniversary of World of Warcraft, she is asking players from around the world to answer 10 questions about their experience of the game. Here are my answers:

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

When I was younger, gaming in general was quite badly seen in the environment where I grew up in. Especially when you’re a girl. So, given the fact that it was such a taboo, I stuck to the good old paper and dice role playing games, which we could easily play hidden. It wasn’t until I met my partner in crime, my sweet husband, that I broke with that awful stigmatising world. Even though it took me 4 years of watching him explore that awesome world named Azeroth before I jumped on the Blizzard train as well.

The biggest reason I started playing WoW wasn’t to rebel against taboos, but because I love to explore new worlds and live adventures that make your creativity juices flow. I love lore and find the world of Azeroth both inspiring, and tremendously relaxing. My husband could always talk with so much passion about “the game” and he was always having so much fun that one day, I joined him on his adventures. On the 18th of February 2010 to be precise, was the day I asked my hubby if WoW could run on an iMac (quickly and gladly exchanged for a gaming pc). Since then I’ve been on a roll and became a big Blizzard fan.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

The first character I’ve rolled was a Night Elf druid. I loved the diversity of the druid. The shape shifting, the different specs,… it all had a lot of charm back then. Little did I know that there was a “Cataclysm” on the menu. Since that expansion, I lost my fun playing that character and rolled my new main, an Orc hunter.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in-game?

Well, I started levelling my first character on the Alliance. I just loved the starting zones of the Night Elves. So peaceful, beautiful,… But, I quickly realised that I was fighting on the wrong side. I just prefer all Horde leaders above the Alliance ones. I prefer the capital cities from Orgrimmar (being my favourite) to Tunderbluff. And, most of all, I prefer the races. On the Alliance side, I always find it hard to roll a new character because I just don’t like the races while, on the Horde, I never can choose whether it’s going to be an Orc, Tauren, Troll,… I just love them all. So, yeah, “For the Horde” all the way!

4. What has been your most memorable moment in WoW and why?

I guess that would be my very first day in WoW. As a complete gaming noob and newbe, I found that huuuuuge world so overwhelming, I felt like Santa on xtc in Disneyland.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Wow, that’s a tough one cause there are so many favourite aspects… hehe… (choices, not my strong point). I would say that exploring that huge open world full of quests (lore), collectibles, achievements,… is my favourite.

6. Do you have an area in the game that you always return to?

Darkshore! I love that place and if I could choose a place to live in, in-game, I’d build a little house there. I know, it’s an Alliance place, blame it on my first day in WoW, that day marked me… hehe. And, then there’s Winterspring! I love the snow, the cold, and above all, I love running around in those beautiful landscapes, pretending I’m making snow angels.

7. How long have you played and has it always been continuous?

Since 18/02/2010. On and off, the longest break I made was one of a few months. The usual reason is some real life crap that comes in between.
All my high level characters together (low lvl ones not included), I’ve played about 109 days of WoW (2616 hours)… well, and I thought that my 100+ hours spent in Skyrim would be an achievement?!

8. Admit it: do you read the quest text or not.

When it’s a new quest, yes. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love lore, but after a second or third time, I start to skip on reading them once more.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in-game?

At the beginning, I didn’t know the first thing about gaming. Hell, I couldn’t even run in a straight line with my character (-insert: you may laugh now-). So, needless to say that I was dead afraid to run dungeons or raids with my royal noobness. As if people could kick my ass for real through my screen or something, but later on, when I started being more at my ease, I kicked my own ass in stead, and now I even raid (something I swore one day I’d never do lol).

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside of gaming?

A huge one. It may sound corny, but WoW has changed my life for the better. It helped me throwing my past luggage overboard and it gave me the chance to help breaking the taboos of being a gamer girl (still need to kick ass big time over this one, but it’s totally worth it). A few years back, I didn’t even dare thinking about telling anyone I was playing WoW, now I scream it from the rooftops and smash all naysayers under my size 6 boots.

These are pretty much my few years of adventures in a nutshell. If you are interested in this survey, I invite you to read this post on alt:ernative.

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